Hi — I'm Raphael Lopes,
a designer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Currently working at PorQueNão, in the last eight years I also helped other teams and companies, such as Realmac, to design interfaces, icons and illustrations for digital products like RapidWeaver, Banco Original, Colorcast, Apontador, WWDC.io and others.

My free time is dedicated to my lovely wife, but I'm often building new things with friends or learning new skills like programming and CG/digital sculpture.

You can always say "hi" by email or Twitter, see my CV on Linkedin or my other works at Dribbble.

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Convr is an app for iPhone and Android that easily converts currencies and cryptocurrencies.

This is a side project designed by me and developed by Cezar Pereira (iOS) and Lucas Rafagnin (Android).
Our goal was to create a simple and practical currency converter. To do this, we created some design solutions that, although fully customized (not standard), allowed not only easier conversion of currencies but also editing and choosing which currencies the user would like to convert at any time.

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After a honeymoon travel to Florida, I realized that all the travel documents were decentralized in various places like email (reservations), Dropbox (important documents), notepad (travel itineraries). In the day to day of my travel, I had to consult several places and in many moments it was difficult to remember where I kept certain things or to access each of them in a simple and easy way.

So after researching with other people, I idealized an app that let you organize all your documents of your next travel. 

Passport, checkins, reservations, personal documents, important addresses and travel itineraries can all be centralized in one place, making it easy to organize and improve your travel.

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Drawing application icons is always an incredible job because it is the kind of work where you can use both the design to convey the correct metaphor, as well as the artistic sense like light, shadow, color balance and contrast to convey the correct look and feel for the icon.

In recent years, I have had the pleasure of work with some teams and companies to design icons for macOS applications like RapidWeaver 7, Colorcast, WWDC.io and others.

Say hi! 👋🏻