In 2011, I decided to start a new thing for me: a blog.
In that time, I was taking my first steps as a User Interface Designer and write a blog seemed to be a good idea to learn even more about UI.
Going back to nowadays, it's kind of funny that after a few years later I'm back again with my blog to write things that I'm learning... about games.

Since I "restart" my career and start over in the game industry almost a year ago, I've been learn a lot of new things in this industry, almost of the time I'm feel like an intern again, and it's been scary and exciting at the same time.

Scary because I'm completely out of my comfort zone and most of the time I don't even know what I'm doing, really!
Of course, I'm still a designer with some years of experience and I'm still have my previously knowledge, but the game industry has a lot of concepts, techniques, softwares and so many things that was completely unknown to me in the beginning. Even the most basic thing like search for good references and benchmarks was completely weird and difficult in the first weeks.

But... oh man, it's also exciting! To have again a huge horizon that was is still not explored for me is amazing! All the time it's like a new game that I need to discover how to play.

So, come back with my blog again will be great to search, write, think and learn even more about this new field which is familiar to me from my childhood and today I realize that it is completely unknown! ­čÖé